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The Story

iegjjj_04 Recently, a video production expert and content creator came to me for help with their online course. It just wasn’t selling.

A very common story.

When I took a look at the content he had, I was completely blown away! His course was amazing (he is a video production expert after all) but it just wasn’t making any money with it.

This is NOT unusual.

Over the next couple weeks, I took his course from having earned $73 TOTAL to earning several thousand in recurring monthly revenue.

Talk about 10x-ing your business (and then some).

No way! How?

Using the lessons learned from having been in the same boat several years back with the first course I ever created…

I spent about 6 MONTHS trying to create the perfect course…but when it was done I just couldn’t sell it!

Because the reality is that the success of any content-centered product is 80% marketing and packaging, and only 20% product quality. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Don’t worry, because that is why you ended up on this page - you are looking for answers and I'm here to help.

I’ll be showing you exactly how to make your courses awesome AND actually sell.

Through now having years of experience in online course creation and info product marketing, I’ve got this down to a science and want to share with you the exact methods for creating insanely profitable online courses.

Chances are you are here because you are an expert. You are a creator.

…but your products just aren’t selling.

Do you have a course that just isn't selling, even though you know it should?

Or maybe you want to create one, but haven't, because you are afraid no one will want it once it's finished?!

You are here because you have an online course or related product (or are trying to create one!) and you are FRUSTRATED... because you know it's great, but you still can't get people to buy it.

iegjjj_08What is stopping you from being massively successful with your products?

Hint: it is probably NOT because your product sucks, or that you aren’t enough of an expert.

It is the potentially overwhelming process of all that is involved with creating an awesome course AND marketing it. Where do you even start?!

Facebook ads? SEO? Email marketing? Webinars?

Or maybe you just rely on the “Publish and Pray” Method.

I’ve been in this industry for a while, and if your goal is to become an expert, an authority with profitable courses and related products, until recently there just hasn’t been any good options.

You could pay thousands of dollars for a program which really just teaches you how to make content for your course (remember that’s only 20% of the equation!) or thousands more for program which take you down the black holes of learning way too much about ONLY copywriting or PPC or whatever the latest online marketing trend is, without even knowing whether or how it is applicable to selling YOUR courses.

I’ve seen it so many times before.

In fact, I just spoke with an old friend of mine who recently paid a "guru” $3,500 for guidance in building a very specific kind of Facebook advertising funnel.

But his course still isn’t selling.

At all.

That guru just knew Facebook, and not online he just helped my friend with what he knew how to do!

iegjjj_03But YOU have come to the right place. Because I do online courses. From scratch all the way to super profitable, for myself and tons of clients.

Imagine if there was a program that was geared towards YOU…

A program that showed you exactly how to build AND make large amounts of money from online courses and other products, showing you the exact model businesses are using to make 6 and 7 figures RIGHT NOW.

What if I told you that in just 8 weeks you could have at least TWO products that are BOTH making you money?

Not only that, you would have an in-depth understanding of the system to make it work over and over again….

Scaling to a 6 figure business and beyond. What would this mean for your business?

Imagine if YOU were that recognized expert, that go-to figure at the head of your industry with super lucrative products that change people’s lives.

Welcome to the Monetize Your Expertise Program 🙂

Introducing...  The Monetize Your Expertise Program


Monetize Your Expertise is a program which walks you step-by-step through the proven framework to…

  • Make sure your online courses actually make money! (and a lot of it!)
  • Create products that are so brilliant and effective that you will have a stream of appreciative customers proactively thanking you
  • Take a course and easily turn it into a book to become a published author
  • Become a recognized expert and authority

And (pardon the cliche) a whole lot more.

Are you ready to join a program that is helping creators all over the world grow their business, reach a wider audience, and dramatically increase their income?

What can I say about Grant... He's an established authority on getting online courses off the ground and profitable. [Learn from] Grant if you want to validate a course idea, and get an initial blue print for where to spend the bulk of your focus...results will follow.

Mike Harrington
Mike Harrington Founder at Break Six Figures and #1 Bestselling Author

Grant is amazing! He helped me start a business from scratch. I had absolutely no idea how to begin or even what idea to work on.

Janie Lim
Janie Lim Professional Product Design

iegjjj_07I want to be honest with you:

The last thing I want is for you to waste tens of thousands of dollars or fail to create a viable product from that super valuable knowledge you are storing between your ears.

Trust me I’ve been there and it sucks.

Instead…I want show you the exact method you can use to make a ton more money, reach way more people, and 10x your business.

If you are a content creator and are seeking to become an expert in your industry, the decision to join this program might be the most valuable decision you've ever made in your business.

I say this knowing that I would have given an arm and a leg to have been able to take this course when I was first starting. The framework you will learn is one of the fastest ways to accelerate this type of business.

Monetize Your Expertise is...

a program which walks you through exactly how to use your knowledge to...

  • Create insanely profitable online courses
  • Take a single product and multiple it into several
  • How exactly to build business models used by the biggest experts

Talking with Grant is one of the smartest things an online instructor can do. At virtually any phase of course creation/ launch, Grant has valuable overview of what's next and how to optimize it. He appears to me as a great guy who's rightly positioned as the go-to Udemy course expert.

Bhodi Horne
Bhodi Horne Professional Trainer and Coach

My mind is buzzing with ideas that I want to implement in the next several months - thanks, Grant!

Danny Ivy
Danny Ivy Founder of Firepole Marketing

Here's What You'll Be Getting Inside Monetize Your Expertise:

Module #1

Make Insanely Great Products

The exact process to create insanely great products that you KNOW will sell. Everyone’s worst fear is creating something that fails – a product that no one wants. With this module we will make 100% sure that NEVER happens!

Module #2

Generate Thousands in Sales...BEFORE You Launch

Innovative strategies for building an audience and email list and even selling your product before you create it. Get people to put money on the line for your products up front. (I used what you'll learn here to generate $5,200 in a weekend)

Module #3

Create Passive Income Through The Online Learning Revolution

The exact strategies for leveraging educational platforms to build and validate courses (while increasing your bottom line). You'll also learn how the same principles taught in this module were used in a recent 48-hour experiment that generated over $6,000 in profit.

Module #4

Using Courses to Double Your Sales

How to incorporate online courses into your business model in a way that is insanely profitable and also positions you as an authority in your industry. You don’t want to miss this one.

Module #5

How to Become a Bestselling Author (Even If You Hate Writing)

How to multiply one product into several with almost zero additional work. This module will show you how to take any product and create several, adding on several hundred to several thousand dollars of passive income per month.

Module #6

Simple Ways to Becoming a Premium Brand and Recognized Expert

Premium is where the true value lies. You never want to compete on price. This module will walk you through creating a premium brand that is recognized and respects while putting out high-value products that you can charge premium prices for.

Module #7

Exponential Growth via Webinars and Partnerships (aka $10,000+/hour)

Ever wanted to make several thousand dollars in a single 1-hour presentation? Webinars are a great way to do exactly that! I’ve distilled the relevant strategies from dozens of programs into a simple framework that you can pick up and start using today.

Module #8

How to Build the Funnel of a Million-Dollar Business

It doesn’t matter how great your product is…if you can’t market it then it will never sell. Not to worry! This module brings together everything you have learned in this program to create extremely effective marketing strategies that automatically sell your products so you can focus on what you love – content creation!

iegjjj_05“But what if I have questions or get stuck as I go through the program?”

I have worked with dozens of clients 1 on 1, so I know where the common hangups are and I have created extra content to make sure you don’t get stuck. We also have an excellent support team in place to make sure you don’t get stuck!

iegjjj_06“How do I know this program is right for me?”

Monetize Your Expertise is for…

The Entrepreneur - Want to grow your core business with knowledge products? MYE is for you.

The Author/Speaker/Coach - Want to become a recognized authority with premium content in your industry? MYE is for you.

The Course Creator - Create great content, but struggle to package and sell it? MYE is for you.

The Marketer - Looking for innovative content marketing strategies that leverage ebooks, courses, webinars and more? MYE is for you.

Just Getting Started - Not sure where to begin with turning your knowledge and skills into a profitable business? MYE is for you.

You Will Also Be Getting These Valuable Program Bonuses:

Here's a breakdown of the bonus material that comes with this training course. (Worth several times the cost of the program alone)

Bonus #1

The Guide to Building and Launching a Course in 48 Hours (Value: $750)

Bonus #2

 Templates to instantly double your course sales (I charge $2,500 to do this)

Bonus #3

Swipe files of 6 and 7-figure campaigns ($1000)

Bonus #4

  Guides to tools that will 10x your business (Value $250)

Bonus #5

Steal my EXACT business model I have been refining for years (Value: $1,500)

Bonus #6

   Free copy of my bestseller Break The System (Value: $2.99)

Bonus #7

How to reverse-engineer (and beat out) your competition's marketing (Value: $500)

How much would all of this value be worth to you?

Get Access To All 8 Modules AND $6,502.99 in bonuses for only $997 $497!


Instead of paying $10,000 for coaching (not to mention buying all the bonuses separately) to learn all of these extremely effective strategies over the course of six months...

You are now on the fast-track to success and getting the same value for a tiny fraction of the price!

Is your mind blown yet?

Just in case it isn't...

Here is a breakdown of how you will get 1,000% ROI (that's 10x) within the first 6 months:

Udemy courses: ~ 500/month/course

Ebooks based on your courses: ~100/month/book

Premium courses: ~ 200-400/student

Clients: a lot, but variable depending on what you charge.

Outcome: 3,000  + 600 + 2,500 = $6,100 = >1,200% ROI with this limited time offer
(This is a super conservative estimate assuming only 1 udemy course, 1 ebook, and only 10 premium course sales over 6 whole months!)

My personal guarantee to you:
If you take action on what you learn in the course, then you WILL finish the course with 2 products ALREADY generating income...and you will more than 10x your investment within 6 months!

Don't believe me?

Try it for yourself for 30 days - join the program, and if you don't think you are going to get amazing can get 100% of your money back.

The total number of people who have done this: exactly zero.

You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

In fact, the only possible downside is NOT joining the program, missing out on this opportunity to transform your business, build a premium brand, and achieve a whole new level in your career.

Are you ready?

Click the button below and you will instantly be on your way to exploding your business.

I've decided to build courses online. I've known what to do for over a year. [Grant] has gotten me out of paralysis by analysis and into action. I've done my market research and defined my course, and I'm ready to start scripting and shooting. 

Sid Kemp
Sid Kemp Author and CEO at Sid Kemp Enterprises

I am delighted that I can count on Grant's advice so that i can finally kick butt at Udemy. I am sure that thanks to his insight and guidance I will finally get my courses off the ground. I look forward to working with Grant and I recommend you connect with him if you are also struggling on how to get started with online courses.

Piccia Neri
Piccia Neri Professional Designer and Creative Director