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The Freedom Plan™, THE definitive online program that teaches entrepreneurs and those aspiring to start their own business, how to get clear on your vision for your ideal life and then build a profitable online business to support it.

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The Monetize Your Expertise Partner Program

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We’ve got you covered with all the promotional tools you can use  including banners to use on your website, blog and on social media, as well as specific swipe copy for social media and email templates.

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pictore of me to use2The Freedom Plan is designed to ensure you build your perfect lifestyle business you can take anywhere, that allows you to make real money, work less and have more freedom all while making an impact in the world.

This online training program is made up of 3 stages designed to take you through a process to get clear on your vision for life, then build a business to support it, and create your ideal environment in which to live and work in freedom.

Members receive access to 12 modules the momenty they join, in both audio and video. Each module comes with actionable workbooks and supporting resources plus an activity to do to complete the module.

They also get 24/7 support, access to 5 Masterclasses and 3 bonus months in the Freedom Collective community which includes coaching, accountability and a forum for Q+A and support.

Plus they get two of Natalie’s BYOB Build Your Online Business eBooks to work through in specific modules and more importantly Lifetime Access.